Light Weight Slab Forming Mold

Comparison Date for LIGHT WEIGHT MOLD (Aluminium/YH75) and CONVENTIONAL TYPE (Carbon Steel/S55C)

1.Light weight

Weight is approx. 1/3 than that of carbon steel.
Improved the safety. Shortened the time for installing / removing.

Material Specific gravity
YH75 2.82
S55C 7.90

2.Excellent heat conductivity

Approx. 2 times than that of carbon steel.
Substantially shortened a shot cycle at the time of forming.

Material Heat conductivity
YH75 0.31
S55C 0.14

3.High hardness

Nearly equal to carbon steel.

4.Excellent anti-corrosion

It is not almost corroded by resin, a kind of rubber, plasticizer, antistatic agent, mold-releasing agent, etc.

5.High fatigue strength

Approx. 3 times than that of carbon steel.
As the material for press mold, plastic mold, etc., it is the most suitable for the use where repeated load is imposed.

Material Fatigue strength (N/m㎡)
YH75 160
S55C 60

6.Other mechanical properties
Material Tensile strength
0.2% proof stress
Brinell hardness
Shearing Strength
YH75 570 500 11 165 330
S55C 650 390 14 183 340

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