Test Specimen Device, Consumable Goods and Others

Model SDL-200-1AJ: Multipurpose test specimens cutter (Jointly developed with Idemitsu Petro Chemical CO.,LTD.)

Model SDSC-1200 Series: Slitting jig for vulcanized rubber tear test specimen (Jointly developed with Shin-Etsu Chemical CO.,LTD.)

Model ST-T: Parallel transfer cutting equipment with turn-table
Bench marker (for marking benchmark) - Various kinds
For vulcanized rubber compression set test machine - Various kinds
Spacer for vulcanized rubber compression set test - Various kinds
Ejector for vulcanized rubber compression set test mold
Constant stretch jig for vulcanized rubber tension set test
Compressed jig for vulcanized rubber stress relaxation test
Load cell system tensile testing machine
Chuck for each testing machine - Various kinds

Left : Bench marker (for marking benchmark)
Center : Compression set test machine (for vulcanized rubber)
Right : Constant stretch jig (for vulcanized rubber tension set test)

Consumable Goods

Spare blades for Super Dumbbell® - Various kinds
Underlay [Cardboard, PP made underlay] for punching - Various kinds
Spring knockout mechanism (Spring type formed sample ejector) - Various kinds

Left : Spare blades for Super Dumbbell®
Center : Underlay for punching
Right : Spring knockout mechanism

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