Model SDL-200-1AJ :
Multipurpose Test
Specimens Cutter
(Jointly developed with Idemitsu Petro Chemical CO.,LTD.)

Jointly developed with Idemitsu Petro Chemical CO.,LTD.

As the length of narrow parallel portion of type-A1 test specimens stipulated in PLASTIC MULTIPURPOSE TEST SPECIMENS JIS K7139 and ISO 20753, which is directly formed by an injection molding machine is 80+/-2mm, it is recommended to make type-B2 test specimen by cutting.
In the past, it was necessary to prepare various test specimen according to each test, but the test specimen was unified by this multipurpose test specimens.

Based on this standard, this cutting machine was developed and designed as the rational cutting machine combining our original product, Super Dumbbell® (replaceable blade cutter system), and technique as well as ideas of Idemitsu Petro Chemical Co.,Ltd.


1.Due to compact design, this cutting machine can be installed at near the ejection of the forming machine and can cut instantaneously at the place.

2.Any pre-treatments (e.g., cut sprue and runner) are not necessary at all.

3.As there is not a burr, etc. on the cut surface, this machine can cut nearly vertically and obtain the test specimen in very good condition.

How to operate

1.Set an injection molded type-A1 test specimen on the movable table. (Set position of the test specimen shall be from the front considering safety and workability.)

2.By moving the movable table to the cutting position, and only by lowering a lever, cutting operation can be finished.

Main Specifications-Model : SDL-200-1AJ

Model : SDL-200-1AJ High performance type multipurpose lever system cutting machine
Lever ratio 1:30
Cutting stroke Approx. 0~16mm
Work transfer table slide portion LM linear guide installed 2-parallel and thrust bearing mechanism
Work movable table slide ST Approx. 230mm (Horizontally moving type)
Work table size 120x215mm
Lower limit adjustment Compulsion lower stopper
Lever lock Safety lever lock
Cutter to be used SSK-1002-D
Unit dimensions Approx. (W)280x(D)550x(H)640mm
Approx. 65kg

JIS K7139 Plastics-Multipurpose test specimens (Annex / quoted from old JIS K7139:2002)

Testing method Quoted Standard Test specimen type, Dimensions(mm)
Tensile test ISO527-2 A shaped or B shaped
Tensile creep test ISO899 A shaped or B shaped
Bending test ISO178 80x10x4
Compression test ISO604 80x10x4
Impact strength (Charpy) ISO179 80x10x4
Impact strength (Izod) ISO180 80x10x4
Impact strength (Tensile impact) ISO8256 80x10x4
Load deflection temperature ISO75 (110 or 80)x10x4
Environment stress cracking ISO4599, ISO4600 A shaped or B shaped or 80x10x4
Oxygen index ISO4589 80x10x4

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