Super Straight Cutter
Model : SSP-105

Model SSP-105
Standard JIS K6261-A (Low temperature impact brittleness) etc.
Dimension 6 x 26 ~ 40mm, 5-cavity type
With pin type manual sample ejector
Standard accessories 1.5 sets of spare blade
2.1 set of standard tools
3.1 set of spare bolts & nuts

A set of Super Dumbbell® completely includes machining cost of standard cutter mounting part (boss). Therefore, when ordering, please designate the dimensions of boss or name of the manufacturer of your cutting press.
If you require special ordered boss, please indicate the dimensional details. (For special boss, its cost is extra.)

When ordering spare blades, please let us have the serial number of your Super Dumbbell® to choose the right blades.
(All the Super Dumbbell® has individual serial number that you can find out on the Super Dumbbell® body, the inspection certificate, spare blade box and package label.)

The minimum sales units of spare blades are as follows:
** For domestic: 1 box (10 sets)
** For import and export: 2 boxes (20 sets)

Model: SSP-101 6×26 ~ 40㎜ Cavity:1
Various kinds of bosses

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