DUMBBELL CO., LTD. could be of your help for making standard specimen for physical test of high polymer materials!

Manufacturing of a standard specimen is placed in the starting point of physical test.
To obtain more stabilized and high superior data affects closely on advancement of test accuracy itself.
As total performance of each testing machine being supplied by each manufacturer of testing machine is keeping on improving greatly, it is inevitable to up the grade in sampling of various kinds of standard specimen.

DUMBBELL CO., LTD.was founded as the sole specialized equipment manufacturer of Japan to make standard specimen in this field, i.e., physical test for high polymer materials.

We have developed and designed Super Dumbbell® as well as many other original products and have also supplied them not only in domestic, but to wide markets in abroad.
We have many patents in Japan and several countries in overseas for Super Dumbbell®, Forming Mold and various Cutting Equipment.

All Super Dumbbell® are made in Japan.

Slab sheet forming mold

New JIS for Vulcanized Rubber / List of Handling Merchandise

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