What is Super Dumbbell®?

Super Dumbbell® is a replaceable blade cutter system which is developed as an ideal cutter to punch out a test piece of high polymer materials, such as, rubber, plastic, etc and other materials.

The structure of Super Dumbbell® is completely different from a conventional cutter. You can replace cutter blades by new sharp ones very easily when they become dull or damaged, and you can keep the best cutting conditions.

The Super Dumbbell® blade is made with ultra hardened carbon steel and sharpened by special polishing technique under strict quality control. That is why it can guarantee you extremely sharp and stable cutting minimizing every undesirable effects such as clack, burrs, etc.

Thanks to all these features, all the test data recorded by test specimens that are prepared by the Super Dumbbell® are steady and accurate very much. Therefore we have been receiving good reputation and gratitude from both Japanese and overseas customers all over the world.

Left : Spare Blades of Super Dumbbell® 
Right : Spring Knockout Mechanism

Standard accessory [5 sets of spare blades, standard tool and spare bolts & nuts] is delivered with Super Dumbbell®.

According to the cut shape and the characteristics of the cut sample, various kinds of replaceable blades are available.

Super Dumbbell® has spring knockout mechanism which makes faster to take out a test specimen after punched.
Also, as this spring knockout mechanism is normally projected than cutting edge, it is hard to touch to cutting edge directly.
Thus, this spring knockout mechanism keeps safety.


Super Dumbbell Cutters

Super Dumbbell® for tensile and tear test.
For more information about Super Dumbbell Cutter, click here.

Super Straight Cutters

Rectangle-shaped and square-shaped Super Dumbbell®
For more information about Super Straight Cutter, click here.

Super Round-Shaped Cutters

Round-shaped, horseshoe-shaped, and ring-shaped Super Dumbbell®

A set of Super Dumbbell® completely includes machining cost of standard cutter mounting part (boss). Therefore, when ordering, please designate the dimensions of boss or name of the manufacturer of your cutting press.
If you require special ordered boss, please indicate the dimensional details. (For special boss, its cost is extra.)

Structure of Super Dumbbell®


Super Dumbbell® is a registered trademark of DUMBBELL CO., LTD.

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